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“Skin discolouration is a common skin concern that can start as early as in your 20s,” explains Oriflame Skin Care Expert, Melina Galeadi.

“Sun exposure is the main cause of brown spots, but it can also come as a result of hormonal imbalance, especially during pregnancy, and acne scarring. Even though a little bit of sun is beneficial to the skin, as we need vitamin D for our physical and mental health, extensive exposure over time will result in premature ageing, which includes skin discolouration.”

So we asked Melina, what we should do: “In sunny parts of the world, SPF should be worn all year around. In the winter include it in your day cream, and in the summer apply an additional sunscreen on top of your moisturiser – especially if you’re outdoors a lot. And of course avoid exposure during peak sun hours – typically between 10am and 3pm. And to prevent and treat existing problems, choose a product that targets discolouration. For example at Oriflame, we’ve recently patented a new technology that uses plant-based ingredients to not just correct dark spots, but also to prevent their formation in the first place. After 12 weeks of using the skin care routine via a clinical trial, hyperpigmentation was reduced by 50%.”


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